Who We Are


Thank you for visiting our site and wanting to learn more about the company.

Years a go, the Army had a Depot in Tooele for refurbishing train trucks among other things.  Of course they needed a sign shop for all of their traffic signs and decals...  With reductions in force many years after the war, the Depot was sold to the private sector.  It seems that some of the former sign shop workers turned the enterprise into a commercial one.  That is where the name Advantage came into existence.  The full name of the company has changed slightly since then with the exception of the word 'Advantage'.  Today it is Advantage Sign Creations.

Eventually, we discarded the silk screen and photo reproduction methods.  We moved our focus from the very heavy metal work functions to the more modern cut vinyl style.  Now we run full color (including white and metallic) printing equipment that can also cut to profile and laminate.  We took this a step further by entering the world of custome graphic design and full service graphic installation.  Recently, we have obtained 'Expert' and 'Preferred' status in order to give our client the confidence to make one of the best marketing decisions possible with current methods... a vehicle wrap.  With this focus of ours, we hope it will focus all eyes on your 'mobile billboards'.  They say that millions of eyes will see it every year!

Please check our coupon page for current offers and give us a try!  Thank you from the Adantage family, we are here to serve.

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