Logo & Graphic Design



Our design service is a practical way to transform your ideas into tangible results. Results that are sure to get you noticed AND remembered!

 Why use Advantage to design your logo and other business graphics?

It seems that the hardest thing for a business to do is get a hold of its own graphic files. Perhaps the designer kept the original files and sent you a low resolution copy for your business card project. Or maybe you approved the proof but never got the original files. Now what? Your current vendor for signs and other materials can't use the low quality file. We can help!

We can start from the beginning if you need to come up with a new or fresh concept. We can also reproduce your old file based on low resolution artwork. If you buy the process from us, guess what... you own it! You keep what you own. Also, we are happy to send you the file from our archives later if you wish.


Wide format, continuous roll printing in full color to include white and metallic inks.


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