Vehicle Wrap Guidelines


Millions of eyes will latch on to your message every year...  if you do it right...


Vehicle Wrap Guidelines

Wade Olsen/Wrap Consultant - Advantage Sign Creations Inc.


 If you are reading this article, perhaps you are already aware of the marketing advantage of vehicle wraps.  When compared with other advertising mediums, mere pennies on the dollar (compared with other advertising) will give you exposure in all the markets you wish.  Millions of eyes will latch on to your message every year.  We have done a lot of research and would like to offer the following suggestions;


What should I know before I wrap my vehicle?


When you look at vehicle wraps, you might notice there seems to be two reasons to wrap a vehicle.  One reason might simply be vanity.  Perhaps you want an eye-catching design for what ever reason.  The second reason is to get more business.  Sometimes you will see these two combined.  But it is not always the most practical or financially effective because it is difficult to understand. Here is another way to look at it; think of a lecture you sat through.  Was there an amazing mental picture or illustration that caught your attention?  Was it so awesome that you forgot the application or the main theme of the discourse?  It can be the same with your vehicle.  Most agree that less is more.


Make your branding easy to discern, don’t just employ a wrap company that may be skilled at installation or inexpensive.  Get someone that has made a study of effective outdoor, mobile advertising.  One vehicle with an effective design can seem like a fleet to the public.  Because it is seen throughout the area and is memorable.


Where do I start with my design?


Advice that has served us well is to make sure the brand is the primary message.  Unless you have a national brand, that may also need to include your business sector.  For example, ours is the sign business but we don’t claim to be market giants.  So we always stress the word “Signs”.


You may think that showcasing your work examples is the best idea.  If you consider your mobile billboard may only have a few seconds to be read, perhaps a website is a better suited medium for a photo gallery.  Your potential client will be impressed with your photos but now they have missed your brand and contact information. If you are a national brand, again, it might be a different story.  It is no coincidence that vehicle graphics are compared with billboards.  There is a limited time to view the information, unlike a brochure that can be studied thoroughly.



 certs-325Did you know that you may not  have the security of a professional wrap and the backing of the material manufacturer?  It is important to have trained and preferred installer to ensure your warranty.




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