Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs are a great way to quickly put a sign onto a vehicle or other metal surface such as refrigerators and more!


Magnetic signs can be used for many different scenarios. Maybe you want to advertise your business on personal vehicles while being able to remove the sign so that you can still wax & wash your prized car or truck. Possibly you would like to create advertising cards that people will keep & use to secure important items on their refrigerators. Magnetic signs can be used to mark property, remind workers of safety warnings, advertise the company, etc.

Graphic Decals and Stickers

Rio-Tinto-Kennecot-Utah Copper

Decals (stickers) can be used to label your products and property. From bumper stickers to full scale vehicle graphics... nothing too small or too large!


Why Decals?

You can use either cut vinyl or digital prints to make your decal. You can have them delivered ready for you to apply or we can do it for you. Stickers such as this are used to mark property, remind workers of safety warnings, advertise the company, etc.

Reflective Signs and Decals

Reflective vinyl can be used for more than just street signs! Use these special types of graphics to give new life and brilliance to your signs, decals, banners, & more!

Reflective signs or decals can be used on many different types of signs, including banners, stickers, vehicle graphics, & more. They make it easy for people to see in the dark and 'catch' their attention as your message 'flickers' in the night with all the passing lights from other businesses, street lamps, and passing vehicles. Like fish drawn to a lure, people's eyes will instantly be drawn to these types of reflective signs. Since we've been trained to look for these at night to learn of safety and important directional information, reflective materials quickly grab the attention of people.

Imagine for example a vehicle graphic wrap with reflective material. As it drives down the road lights (including even the sun during the day), instantly make their advertisements 'glow'. What an awesome way to send a message!

Benefits & Options

  • High visibility
  • Grab attention
  • Easily seen at night
  • Flicker so as to get noticed
  • One color cut vinyl, digitally printed or a combination

Wood, Metal, Plastic and Foam Signs


Traditional methods for signs on modern materials. They simply last longer!

We can fabricate any sign made of various materials-three dimensional, back-lit, or ornate.

Metal - We have an extensive metal shop that offers many different possiblities for you.

Plastic - This is a very versatile material that will last a long time & do well outdoors. You have the opportunity to use a very simple campaign-sign style, up to a high quality back-lit sign face.

Wood & Foam - Traditional wood carved signs are still available. But using specially formulated foam materials. Unpredictability is replaced by stability and longevity!

Logo & Graphic Design



Our design service is a practical way to transform your ideas into tangible results. Results that are sure to get you noticed AND remembered!

 Why use Advantage to design your logo and other business graphics?

It seems that the hardest thing for a business to do is get a hold of its own graphic files. Perhaps the designer kept the original files and sent you a low resolution copy for your business card project. Or maybe you approved the proof but never got the original files. Now what? Your current vendor for signs and other materials can't use the low quality file. We can help!

We can start from the beginning if you need to come up with a new or fresh concept. We can also reproduce your old file based on low resolution artwork. If you buy the process from us, guess what... you own it! You keep what you own. Also, we are happy to send you the file from our archives later if you wish.


Wide format, continuous roll printing in full color to include white and metallic inks.


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