Reflective Signs and Decals

Reflective vinyl can be used for more than just street signs! Use these special types of graphics to give new life and brilliance to your signs, decals, banners, & more!

Reflective signs or decals can be used on many different types of signs, including banners, stickers, vehicle graphics, & more. They make it easy for people to see in the dark and 'catch' their attention as your message 'flickers' in the night with all the passing lights from other businesses, street lamps, and passing vehicles. Like fish drawn to a lure, people's eyes will instantly be drawn to these types of reflective signs. Since we've been trained to look for these at night to learn of safety and important directional information, reflective materials quickly grab the attention of people.

Imagine for example a vehicle graphic wrap with reflective material. As it drives down the road lights (including even the sun during the day), instantly make their advertisements 'glow'. What an awesome way to send a message!

Benefits & Options

  • High visibility
  • Grab attention
  • Easily seen at night
  • Flicker so as to get noticed
  • One color cut vinyl, digitally printed or a combination
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