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One of the best ways to advertise your business is to create an attention grabbing graphic for your truck, car, van, bus, trailer, or anything with wheels. Whether you're looking for a full or partial wrap, we are qualified to create and install it. Vehicle graphics basically come in two flavors - Digitally Printed 'Wraps' and Cut Vinyl. Our expert installer, Wade Olsen, carries a "3M Preferred Installer" accreditation and a "Lowen Certified" Certification for Installers.



One reason that vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise is that they build 'community awareness' of the existence of your company or services. Everyday as you commute back and forth or go to your service calls, fellow motorists will notice your van or truck. Day after day you will become a familiar site on their daily commute and soon they will have read about what you do hundreds of times!



When it comes to vehicle graphics you basically have two choices; or even a combination thereof. Full vehicle wraps or cut vinyl. Full or partial vehicle wraps can be used to cover over large areas of a vehicle's exterior. This means that you're business advertising can be seen from all sides. Also, any undesireable surfaces are covered. These types of graphics can even be used to change the overall background colors of your work vehicle WITHOUT having to paint them permanently! 



Features of High Quality Cut Vinyl

Variety of textures and effects (reflective, metallic, carbon fiber, etc.) used simultaneously. Bold and solid colors, which resist fading. No banding (stripes) through the image which is possible with some digital printers.

Features of Digital Printing or 'Wraps'

Cover large areas with custom graphic designs Alter background colors of your vehicle Solid and continuous surface with less vulnerable edges (weather, carwashes, etc.) Can be used along with cut vinyl so that you have image continuity over windows but without greatly reducing visibility.

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